Why You Should Try Elo Boosting

If you are looking to join the top ranks of League of Legends, you should be prepared to work long hard at your skills. If you don’t have the patience to work on these skills, there is a shorter route to the top. Elo boosting is whereby you use a player with superior skills to ‘boost’ you up the ranks. While some may consider this as a form of cheating, LOL allows it. You can do it and enjoy playing with the masters. Here is why you should try Elo boosting.

Watch and learn

Being paired with a player with superior skills has the benefits of these skills rubbing off on you. You become just like an apprentice. A diamond league player plays at high ranks and has acquired serious LOL skills over time. Your game will get better.

Quicker rise

Rising up the ranks of LOL requires time and patience. It also depends on the level of skill of your teammates. You could be playing in a team that is very low on skills where you keep losing. By pairing up with a player of higher rank, you winning rate is improved which makes you climb up the ranks faster.

More secure rise

Boosting in the earlier days required that you give your LOL login credentials to a stranger in China or Philippines to play the game on your behalf. These services often had tens of other clients. As the boosters played from one IP there was always the risk that a ban on one account would affect the rest. Presently boosting is done by pairing up with a superior player. This is safer as no one tampers with your account.

End of season rewards

Riot rewards players who have reached a certain rank in a season. The higher the rank achieved the better the rewards. In the lower ranks, you will get simple gifts like a summer icon but in the high ranks in the Diamond ranks you are looking at serious gifts like a victorious champion skin, profile banner trims, loading screen border and invite flair. If you are hungering for these rewards, elo boosting could help you get them.

Bragging rights

What is the use of playing without winning? Boosting gets you up the ranks where you can look down to your friends in the lower ranks.  If you have placed bets on who can climb up ranks faster, you will collect the prize. Boosting allows you to show off rank and earn the respect of your peers who play League of Legends.

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